You learned that if you got paid to blog consistently, you would get fired and owe Blogger money because you continue to SUCK at doing this without any external motivation.

You also learned that you CAN get paid to help other people out with their budget woes. You’re capitalizing on what you & R already do on your own to help yourselves, and you’re taking that around to other people that need your help. And you’re making money doing it. Way to leverage your resources.

AND you learned that families, by their very nature, messed up, but that each one is messed up in its own unique way, and none of them are necessarily any worse off than any other. This is not a new lesson – more of a re-learning – but something that it doesn’t hurt to write down and remember.

Without promising consistency, you hope you’ve learned that this takes 3 minutes a day and you should just frikkin’ do it. Stupid.

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One Response to “Holy CRAP”

  1. Michelle says:

    ahhh…hey B. yeah, fams are messed up….mine is filled with love affairs, failed campaigns for taiwnaese government, and communication/intimacy issues. But i love em nonetheless.

    my blogspot is http://www.michellemyu.blogspot.com

    and like you said, it’s very hard to keep it up! i just don’t have a freakin thing to say.

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