MQotW – Work Edition Vol. 1 Issue 2

Note: I know this is probably cheating, but I just don’t have time to blog AND do MQotW, so I’ll start making MQotW pull double-duty. Enjoy, and feel free to participate.

My Disorders Are Seasonally Affected,

Last edition’s quote: “You guys have chickens?!? Are these original recipe or Extra Crispy?”

The correct answer is Son-In-Law. Yes, starring Pauly Shore & Carla Gugino. Pauly went on to more movies involving chickens. Carla went on to movies involving drugs & Russell Crowe (American Gangster).

Last edition’s winner, with the honor of being the FIRST winner of MQotW, was Toddfrey “Headphones” Jones. Toddfrey is normally spotted in the Garden View, rocking out to a music mix that can only be described as eclectic: everything from Massive Attack, Bette Midler, Tiny Tim, all the way to Sex Pistols, Shoelaces Are Stupid, MEATPIE, and David Hasselhoff, depending on the mood he’s in. Most recently, though, Toddfrey has expressed an interest in acting; he just saw the naked wrestling scene in Borat and was particularly inspired, so he auditioned for & was selected for a major role in the Orpheum’s reprisal of Hugh Jackman’s two-man show, ‘The Boy From Down Under’, in which Toddfrey plays a small boy that Hugh finds living under his pillow, au naturale. (The misconception that ‘The Boy from Down Under’ has to do with the fact that Hugh Jackman is Australian is a wide-spread virus of false information; the play is a heart-felt exposé on the trials & tribulations of small-framed boys born into a life of hiding amongst cotton, feathers, and darkness, where you need no clothes.) If you have a chance, please stop by & wish our budding actor all the best. As his prize for winning, Toddfrey will receive a gift certificate for one night’s lodging under the pillow of his choice at the Lucky Lucky Massage Parlor in Alameda. In keeping with encouragement of Toddfrey’s extracurriculars, the gift certificate will be made out to his new stage name, Ducky Von Hydenpillough.

Alas, there was no second place winner this week, as Toddfrey’s response was the only one to contain an attempt at answering. HOWEVER, we here at MQotW are not monsters, and when we say we will award two fake prizes, we mean it. So this week’s second prize goes to the first person to respond confusedly to the first edition, which was Julia “Schmools” Newton. Aside from having one of the most unique nicknames in the Bay Area (and that’s saying something), Miss Newton is quite an individual’s individual. Her personality was constructed from a mold that none other has filled, past or present. I can bet on the fact that none of you know anyone else who has all of the following habits: saving all their own hair & nail clippings in a five-gallon paint bucket in the closet; obsessively acknowledging lampposts with a jaunty “What’s up pussycat?” as they pass each & every one; drawing rude (and I mean rude) pictures of bunnies doing “repair work” on vacuum cleaners and hanging these pictures on a shower rod in the garage; and reading books that Oprah recommends. Julia’s prize as the runner-up is a new nickname, but in the interest of Web 2.0, we here at MQotW are opening it up for suggestions. Got a new nickname for the toenail-saving, lamppost-greeting, fictional-bunny-violating, Oprah-reading Schmools? Let us know!

Be the first to guess the title of the movie from whence the below quote was taken, and you will receive a grand fake prize from yours truly. If your correct response is received second, you will receive no prize whatsoever, but will be mocked for your inferior movie knowledge and/or less-than-catlike reflexes.

Please note: The point of MQotW is to acknowledge those with a completely useless mental database of movie knowledge, NOT to reward you for book marking or some other movie site & being able to type quickly; therefore, if you are found guilty of such high treason, you will be summarily dismissed from the distribution list. And I will flame you on MySpace. Research at your own risk.
Because this contest has some timing aspects to it, and to be fair to all my homies, I will distribute the MQotW at noon every Tuesday. Unless I’m busy.
Without further ado, I give you this edition’s…
Movie Quote of the Week:
(whisper) “He’s cooking our garbage.”

Good Luck!

I Swear I Don’t Make This Stuff Up,

Brian “Makes This Stuff Up” Hansen
Master Quotidian

MQotW Creator & Founder & President & CEO & Ampersand User & Title Acquirer

“Shift+7 Baby!!&!&!&!&&&!!&&!!”

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2 Responses to “MQotW – Work Edition Vol. 1 Issue 2”

  1. Anonymous says:

    go take a walk ::

    Victorion, a new mural by Sirron Norris that he recently completed on Balmy Alley in San Francisco’s Mission District. (Balmy is a small alley that’s lined with colorful murals, many of which have political themes.)

    I love it — it’s sort of a Mission District version of Transformers crossed with Howl’s Moving Castle, done in the style of a twisted kiddie cartoon.

    The theme, of course, is preserving the character of the neighborhood from the relentless onslaught of condos and redevelopment — Victorion is subtitled “El Defensor de la Mission.” But independent of that, the mural itself is pure genius, with incredible details that only get better and better the closer you look.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Uncle Buck!

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