Back in ACTION!

After an almost two-week respite, I got my ass out of bed before 6am and went for a run this morning. Did the hill at Taylor & Broadway, the Broadway side because it's got stairs. Think I did 4 or 5 repeats on the stairs, and one or two recovery loops up & down the Taylor side. Best time getting up those stairs: 43 seconds. Now this was admittedly not a huge distance, nor was it an extremely long workout, but considering that my recent caloric intake has greatly exceeded output, it still made me feel much healthier & less pudgy. Plus I'm on my way to the opera at the ballpark, where I'm bound to need an extra inch in the cumberbund, so I've alleviated some future guilt. Logical, right?
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2 Responses to “Back in ACTION!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    …I have visions of Rocky I

  2. Joey Colacurcio says:

    Hey man, wish I lived out in SF – I am sorely in need of a running partner, and I’m trying to get myself healthy. Well, that and you and Renee totally rock and I miss you guys. Next time the FLDP crew books a vacation, I’m hoping its on the West Coast…. and moreso, that you and your bride can join us!!! Hope all is well, Mr. Hansen.

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