Last night R and I and her brother Adam went to Cobb's for some $7 stand up comedy. Arj Barker and Doug Benson were there, and this teacher from Oakland named Chris Tinkle (not making that up) was the emcee. I definitely laughed my ass off for a straight 2 hours, so as far as getting our $'s worth, mission accomplished. But the bigger news is that I can finally confirm for myself that what I read in Franklin Ajaye's book is true: a) comedians have a near-impossible career if they tell themselves that every bit of material has to be 100% original, because almost every joke has already been told somewhere, and at least one member of your audience was there when it was; and b) your subject matter is only maybe 40% of your schtick – more important is the voice/character you use to talk about it. Put simply, in comedy, the message is less important than the delivery.

This isn't exactly a higher being standing on a stage somewhere with a mic plugged directly into my brain & sharing some huge secret… But it does mean that I can stop stressing about originality or about inadvertently bogarting someone else's material. I can focus on figuring out which inner demon can have complete control of my brain and my body for 10-15 minutes of harvesting laughter. That, dear reader, is a comfort.

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