Photos: Candyland on Lombard Street – SFist

Photos: Candyland on Lombard Street – SFist.


Gotta love SF.

9 and 3/4 Weeks

So I think it’s been over 2 months since the last non-Twitter update. It’s actually exactly long enough for Kim Basinger to show up & make me feel uncomfortable. And you? You probably get more frequent updates from your asshole cousins, am I right? Just so we’re clear, I’m not your asshole cousin.

Unless you are one of my asshole cousins.

In which case, stop sending me updates because I don’t care.

So here’s the haps:

I’ve been rehearsing for “A Hot Day In Ephesus” with the Curtain Theatre company since the first week in July. It’s a musical Shakespearean comedy of errors – mistaken identities, city-states at war, and handcuffs. It’s almost as much fun as I expected, and the only thing that comes up as a drawback is my Type A tendencies vs. community theater’s necessarily Type B scheduling & decision-making & organizational schema. Not gonna lie: it causes its fair share of confusion & therefore causes me the occasional anxiety attack. But I’m settling into it – it’s kind of a relief to know that showing up 2 mins late to a rehearsal doesn’t require punishment or embarrassment. Plus it also means that everyone is expected to have an opinion – which could be disastrous – but that the director gets to direct & make the decisions. Luckily our director, Trish Inabnet, is able to listen to opinions & then produce a good decision. It’s awesome. The show goes up Labor Day Weekend; if you happen to be in the Bay Area, come on by Mill Valley at 2pm Saturday through Monday, bring the fam & a picnic for a play in the park.

And then there was a spec commercial. A few weeks ago I got to film a commercial with Adam Rygiol, producer/director with Die Trying Productions. He sent the reel last week; here’s hoping the company comes back wanting more – if they do, there’s a high likelihood I’ll get to work with Die Trying on a national commercial. Needless to say, that, too, would be awesome.

Tons of other stuff going on with work & vacation & the wyf… which I think I’ll get into more later when there’s LESS going on. Shitty part about blogging – when there’s interesting stuff going on worth blogging about, I’m too busy doing the interesting stuff to blog about it. But gimme about a month for work stuff to (hopefully) die down & I’ll keep you updated.

Oh… one more quick plug: started a running group for 6am short-distance running in Nob Hill. First run is tomorrow (8/7/09), then again on Thursday, then probably a longer one (5-7 miles) next Saturday. If you’re interested, send me an email & I’ll put you on the distribution.

Hope to see you on Labor Day for “A Hot Day In Ephesus!”

Withdrawal Symptoms

Twitter’s been under a DDoS attack all morning. Had no idea how much I relied on that to keep me entertained… luckily I don’t rely on it for business info. Most bloggers, however, are not that fortunate. No real speculation yet on who’s responsible, but watch TechCrunch ( for updates. Will this hurt its valuation?

Heard Facebook is having issues today as well; wonder what the heck is going on.