Random collection of thoughts, because I feel like going back to my roots. Which is different than feeling Roots-y, because ONLY Levar Burton can feel Roots-y, and I’m not Levar Burton.

1. Yesterday for dinner, I had a Beer, a Burrito (Mahi Mahi inside that did NOT taste like Mahi Mahi), and a Banana. Got me thinking about foods that start with B. So, of course:

Top 5 “B” Foods:
5. Bacon
4. Beer: yes, it’s a food. Monks used to live on the stuff.
3. Bananas: yes, I like bananas more than I like beer.
2. Bob’s Donuts: starts with a B, just like Brown Rice – it’s a specific type of donut, i.e, the BEST type.
1. Burritos: take a bunch of other foods, no matter what you like, wrap it in a flour tortilla, and guess what you have? A burrito. It’s a tasty food envelope. If I knew what the level of taxonomy above “species” was, that’s what I would call a burrito. No matter its DNA or its geographic anomalies, its nature-or-nurture leanings, it will always be a burrito. Falafel = Mideastern burrito. Sandwich = rich white man’s burrito. Burger = rich white Texan burrito. Bowl of soup = the burrito for the guy who’s allergic to gluten or has a bad case of lockjaw from eating too many real burritos. My opinion, the Catholic church should add the Burrito to the Holy Trinity. Replace “spiritus sancti” with “burritas tasti”. Then those little Jesus wafers they give out at Mass could get much tastier & more satisfying. If it weren’t for the utter devastation this would cause to the world’s Sunday lunch/brunch business, I would write a letter to the Pope. But I’ll refrain; least I can do to help out this economy.

2) The wyf takes the GMAT on Monday. She’s nervous. Hates standardized tests. Plans to spend whole weekend studying (except of course for the hair appointment that just had to be this morning… slacker). Send her your love/support/favorite burrito recipe.

3) Saw ‘Tropic Thunder’ last night – left R at home to study; she didn’t want to see it anyway. Wish I hadn’t gone alone though, because, while funny, I felt like it was the kind of funny that you need a friend next to you, also laughing guiltily.. you know, like Robert Downey Jr. gets all into the guttural black voice and you chuckle a little, catch yourself, then look over to your companion to make sure they’re laughing too, and they’re doing the exact same maneuver at the exact same time (synchronized insecurity), and then you both fall for the illusion of self-imposed guilt. (“Oh, good, they laughed too, I must just be manufacturing that guilt-due-to-racist-humor feeling… whew. I want popcorn.”) So my review is still to come (CLIQUEPICK IT!), but if you’re contemplating it, my advice is to take your husband/wife/friend/favorite burrito recipe.

4) Found my motivation this morning. Got up, ran 2.5 miles to the gym, worked out for an hour… Back on the 5 Factor train, so I was pooped after doing two days’ worth of reps in one session. So I took the bus home. But on the plus side, there were only like five other people on my floor of the gym at 8am on a Saturday, so this will probably become a regular feature event.

5) I only have four random thoughts at any one time, so I’ll just recall one of the earlier ones: I’m still not Levar Burton.