June 19, 2008 – Phylicia Rashad turns 60, looks 100

Y’know how every year, around their birthday, people always find one new person who also has that exact same birthday? And they always get excited… “Oh my gosh, what are the chances??? That’s awesome, we should share a cake! Let’s have a double-bday happy hour with our co-workers! Oh man, make sure you get me a card!”

I found out this morning that a co-worker has the same birthday as me, and I said “FUCK! That’s my day, asshole! Get your own damn birthday! I fuckin’ hate sharing my birthday with you! You’re gonna get all the presents & I’m gonna get screwed AGAIN!”

That’s just how I feel.

Oh, and today really is Claire Huxtable’s 60th. But check her out on IMDB. She looks like Leatherface, only more menacing.