The Next Step!

I frikkin’ did it, people. I signed up for my first marathon.

Big Sur’s International Marathon was a reco from my friend Punchie, and was one of his first marathons. It’s a great scene, there’s plenty of fun friendly people, and it’s full of awesome views of the Monterey Bay / Big Sur area.

I have until April 27th to get my ass into gear to run my first 26.2. I know I’ve talked about this all before, and the idea of finishing in less than four hours or whatever. Well, that’s still a goal, and a great one, but honestly, I’ll consider it a successful first time out if I cross the finish line in less than 6 hours (a deadline I have to hit if I want to be counted among the official finishers).

Twenty six point two, kids. Where am I at now? Max I’ve ever gone is 11.2. And that was 6 months ago. I’m closer to 4-5 miles on a regular basis these days. But that’s why I have almost five months to put this thing together.

Stay tuned for Training Plans, Training Updates, Inspirational Words, and Photographic Evidence (meaning, you won’t just take my word for it – I’ll find some way to prove to you that I’ve done the distance/time that I’d put on the Plan on the day I was supposed to do it).

Now… my challenge to you, dear readers. Come out to visit & run this sh!t with me! Everything, including training for this thing, is more fun when you are doing it with support. We can even do it long-distance if we have to. If you’re in the Bay Area (which probably constitutes about 5 of my 10 regular readers but whatever) and we can put some miles behind us together, then let’s figure out a way to make it happen!

If you’re NOT in the Bay Area, the end of April’s a GREAT time to make a visit out to SF. Weather will be warmer here than most any other place in the country at that time, and it will be after rainy season but before foggy season! And if, y’know, you decide you can’t possibly train for this without my support and you wanna move out here, that’s something we can arrange too. No dream too big.

I’m not going into too much more here just yet, but let me just say that this will be one of the things that I actually DO in the year of ’08. There will be other things that I’ve said I’ve always wanted to do that I actually DO in 2008… and you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out what that means.

And yes, I do owe you an apology. I have NOT been keeping you abreast of life’s happenings, and I know how much you all like being breasts. I am sorry, but here’s the good news: I’m too busy with work, but am actually ENJOYING (at least a little bit) what I’m doing these days. There’s lots of big things happening in the ice cream world, and I’m involved in … wow, in almost all of them. I’d tell you more, but for fear of saying something I’m not supposed to say, I’ll just leave it with the fact that my job is busy for a reason.

As I move forward with training, I’ll either do a way better job of keeping Wyltie in the loop, or I’ll find some other vehicle through which you can keep tabs on my (or, better yet, OUR) progress towards twenty six point two.

But GET EXCITED PEOPLE! The Fat Kid’s gonna run a marathon! WOOHOOOOOO!