Why I Love My Wyf

… Because she sent me this

How Ya Feeln’ Eskimos!!??

Seriously… this show has totally come back. ¬†At least until November.

Know How Many Houses You Own? Don’t Vote Repbulican.

While I’m not a traditionally politicial guy, there are some things that happen that I can’t resist. So, whether it’s senility or a sheer symptom of “So Rich I Can’t Relate” disease, make sure you read this before November.


Link Fest!


Read this before going to China.

Then buy one of these since you’re going anyway.

And go review something, would ya?

A Little Link Crazy…

I don’t usually embed videos or do lots of linking. Not because it’s wrong or because it’s not useful to share this stuff with people, but mainly because I don’t find a lot of really good stuff most of the time. Today just happened to be a rare day in which EVERYTHING I found was AWESOME.

First one: this guy should win an award. Not a big prize or anything, but some notification that he is in fact awesome at all things beer pong.