New Package, Same Great Taste

Let me know if you hate the new colors… if you don’t feel passionately enough about it to tell me, I don’t care if you don’t like it.

In other news, tomorrow is TURKEY DAY. We’re headed to the Smiths for the day, bringing the sister with us. So far, the menu items and their contributors are as follows:

Turkey – the Smiths
Ham – the Smiths
Stuffing (of the sausage & herb variety) – other friends of the Smiths
Scalloped Potatoes with Bacon – other friends of the Smiths
Green Bean Casserole – the Hansens, a holiday classic
Corn Pudding – the Hansens, a new family favorite for sure
Seven Layer Bars – the Hansens, a family favorite AND holiday classic
Apple Cake – the Hansens, but only I will be eating it; I love this frikkin’ cake. Much more exciting (& fiber-filled) than pumpkin pie.
Wine – all of us, because we all plan to be completely snockered by 12pm (dinner’s not ’til like 5pm)
Wii – the Hansens; even though we can’t eat it, it’s still worth bringing to the celebration. Here’s hoping those wimpy little wrist-leashes don’t break & wreak havoc on the Smiths’ flatscreen.

My personal goal is to eat eight to ten thousand calories, and drink another one to two thousand. Seriously. By midnight Thursday, I should be roughly 4 pounds heavier. Then back to fighting weight by noon on Friday (thanks mostly to the apple cake & the magic of fiber).

SO FRIKKIN’ EXCITED. I’m heading home in an hour to bake the dessert stuff; we’ll cook the rest of our stuff at the Smiths whilst we down a few bottles of BevMo’s finest. If you come here looking for me, you probably won’t see a new post until Friday, but I’ll probably twitter every so often. Five points to the first person who recognizes the first drunk twitter!

In breaking news, things have deteriorated with Dad. Long story short, he’s insane & needs help, but he’s betrayed my trust to the point where I can barely bring myself to care. But it’s weighing me down a little. Without getting into it completely, let me just promise to have a good time this weekend & write more about this later. It’s tough stuff & I’m still not sure how to comfortably memorialize it here.

… sorry. No more heavy shit, unless it’s heavy shit covered in gravy or accompanied by large flagons of wine. (Yes, I’m bringing back ‘flagon’. It’s a cool book-nerd word.)