I Know, Right?

Where the hell have I been?

Short answer:  really frikkin’ busy.  An excuse? Not a good one.  But I will say the one I have is probably the best of all possible excuses.  All of my creative energy has been going into entertaining the Nugget.  She’s such a little sponge; everything I throw out there she soaks right up, and then quickly gets bored & wants to go back to watching Cinderella or Lion King – which she can soak up repeatedly, apparently without EVER getting bored.  That fact comes with the implication that maybe I’m the one getting bored with my own Nugget-specific creations, or at least bored enough to not want to repeat the same material over & over… but then I remember that I’m not a DVD & it’s actually normal to want to keep things fresh.  So all my fresh stuff, which is in high demand by my highly loyal audience of one, is 1) skewed very young; B) performed live and not captured on video; and 4) usually accompanied by a slight poop odor (usually hers).

I’m also in the middle of consuming the “Song of Ice & Fire” series by George R.R. Martin.  If you’re not familiar, it’s currently a five tome series, of which I’m almost done with the third, with each tome weighing in around 850 hardback pages.  This is also the series that HBO has turned into “A Game Of Thrones”, an awesome new drama series titled after the first book in the series.  Political intrigue, war, dragons, sex, incest, dwarves, wolves, accents… this series really does have it all from a fantasy perspective, but I’m almost done with #3 and there really hasn’t been a whole bunch of wizardry or supernatural involved; shapeshifting, dragons born from rocks, yes – but Martin isn’t really elaborating on those as vignettes.  He spends more time describing each character’s garb than I’d like, and I also suck at visualizing gates & keeps & towers in castles, so he doesn’t rank in the top five of my sci-fi/fantasy authors list… but this is still a FANTASTIC series, and I spend whatever free time I have reading it.  I’ve been swimming through Lannisters & Starks’ family trees since Christmas, and probably won’t grab a towel until Cinco de Mayo when I climb out to swing drunkenly at a piñata, inevitably miss, and hit my own nuts.

All this is to say I’m sort of intentionally quiet with Shower Sandwich, which, when I return to MAKING things, will be my primary channel for distribution.  I’ve had a few strangers post a few comments, and plenty of folks watching, so I feel like it’s not a complete failure; hence I’m not discouraged, I’m just … distracted, as I mentioned above.  Also – thanks to all of you who’ve watched & given your honest feedback.  It’s a process, but the process doesn’t get me very far without the commentary.

Now… back to the nerdery.


… to all those who sent anniversary cards!

Difference between first-anniversary husbands & first-anniversary wives:  none of my groomsmen sent a card or called, and I’m okay with that.  One of her bridesmaids didn’t call or send a card, and she has now lost major points.  I’m not sure how many points you need to win, but forgetting anniversaries = FTL.

AIDS Walk San Francisco

Thank you to all of you wonderful people who donated to my team for today’s AIDS Walk San Francisco. As part of Team Gilead, I was able to contribute $550 to our team total of $47,221!

It was not the best weather for a 6-mile walk through Golden Gate Park. While temperatures were low, spirit & morale were high – so many happy, smiling faces walking around Sharon Field, grazing on free breakfasts & listening to good music. As the walk started, we made our way to the front of the pack… slowly. It took 45 minutes to go the first two miles because there were a TON of walkers. I think the final tally was more than 20,000 walkers, and they didn’t exactly keep a blazing pace. But we progressed, and in our little party of six, we found ourselves taking pee breaks every half mile – someone always had to go. As we made our way through miles 2-5, we saw AIDS quilts laid out on the lawn, a Memorial Wall for folks to leave messages on, some live music, and plenty of gung-ho volunteers there to cheer us on… it was such a fun way to spend a Sunday morning. And of course, this is all before you remember that we did it for such a great cause. We felt good being out & about, we got some free live entertainment, and we got to take part in something that’s much bigger than all of us. Such an awesome way to take part in the community.

Ninety minutes later (a 15:00/mile pace), we found ourselves EXHAUSTED, back on the grounds of Sharon Fields. We couldn’t believe just how tired, sore & hungry we all were; luckily, the nice folks at Boudin SF (a Forklift Brand restaurant) donated plenty of box lunches for us. We sat on the lawn, enjoyed our lunch, and made our way home.

R is already asleep on the couch (six miles is still six miles), and I’m writing this now to make sure I say thank you, thank you, thank you, to all of you who supported us today. And now I’m going to catch a nap. :)