MQotW – Work Edition Vol. 1 Issue 3

The New Wii Fit Game MUST Revitalize My Enthusiasm For Psuedo-Exercise Because My New Year’s Resolution Is To Play More Video Games,

Last edition’s quote: (whisper) “He’s cooking our garbage.”

The correct answer is Uncle Buck. Starred Macaulay Culkin before his heyday, as in pre-Home Alone. Oh, and people sometimes forget that it also happened to star JOHN CANDY, funniest man from Canada in recent history who has shuffled off this mortal coil.

Last edition’s winner responded in less than 5 minutes with not only the full title of the movie, but also with the name of the actor (though not the name of the character in the film). Our trigger-happy winner was Andrew “Why? Because I SURSA!” Ysursa, who is from Idaho but may as well be from Kraplechistan, because he NEVER meets other people from Idaho. Not only does he have to deal with the solitude of being an Idahoan (not to mention the challenge of correctly pronouncing “Idahoan”), but he also has to deal with geographically-deficient individuals confusing his home state, from whence God Delivers Potatoes, with IOWA, from whence God Delivers Corn. In an interview with Andrew, he says “You’d be amazed how many people f*ck up that basic piece of 5th grade geographic pop culture. It totally spuds my taters.” When I asked Andrew about this “spuds his taters” comment, which appears to be a hyperlocal colloquialism, he could not recall having said it. “I could swear I didn’t say that. I said it totally spuds my taters.” Sensing what may be going on, and being ever the quick one, I asked him to write down this last sentence. He WROTE “I could swear I didn’t say that. I said it totally boils my [censored].” Just as I suspected, Andrew Ysursa is suffering from Idahoatuberism, where he vocalizes discontent in terms of potatoes instead of other, more widely accepted euphemisms. I’ve seen it a hundred times with people from odd states. The two friends I have from Iowa say “That really shucks my husks”, my friend from Wyoming … crap, what does she say? … I can’t remember what she says about Wyoming… hmm… what would she say about Wyoming? It escapes me. In any case, as his prize for winning MQotW, Andrew’s affliction, though not entirely unpleasant and simultaneously vegetarian-friendly (as opposed to the Chicago phenomenon involving the phrase “cases my kielbasa”), will be immediately treated, gratis, by my good friend Dr. Poopsteihn. (Pronounced ‘POOP-sten, not poop-‘STANE.) He’s from Alabama.

Sadly, even after weeks of hiatus, we had no second place winner for Issue 2. While this is unfortunate for my ever-growing popularity & widening distribution list, it suits today’s situation particularly well, as I’m completely spent after the whole “spuds my taters” thing.

Be the first to guess the title of the movie from whence the below quote was taken, and you will receive a grand fake prize from yours truly. If your correct response is received second, you will receive no prize whatsoever, but will be mocked for your inferior movie knowledge and/or less-than-catlike reflexes.

Please note: The point of MQotW is to acknowledge those with a completely useless mental database of movie knowledge, NOT to reward you for book marking or some other movie site & being able to type quickly; therefore, if you are found guilty of such high treason, you will be summarily dismissed from the distribution list. And I will flame you on MySpace. Research at your own risk.

Because this contest has some timing aspects to it, and to be fair to all my homies, I will distribute the MQotW at noon every Tuesday. Unless I’m busy.

Without further ado, I give you this edition’s…

Movie Quote of the Week:

“How do you like that? The guy gets laid more times dead than I do alive.”

Good Luck!

Potatoes are Tubers,

Brian “I Missed My Calling & It Didn’t Even Leave A Message After The Beep” Hansen
Master Quotidian
MQotW Creator & Founder & President & CEO & Ampersand User & Title Acquirer & Pennsylvanian
“That really clangs my Liberty Bell.”