OSJ – Day 13

Current status of key indicators:

Stress level:  high but with signs of reducing dramatically this weekend.

Activity level:  low, unless you count work, which I don’t.

Diet:  85% carbs over the last 3 days because I don’t have a real kitchen.  (The other 15% was 14% chocolate and 1% coffee.)

Outlook:  surprisingly bright – on my way to LA tonight, running my first ever Mud Run with my sister tomorrow morning (also the first time we’ve EVER run together), hopefully going to The Griddle (for more Oreo-cookie-laden carbs) on Sunday morning, then coasting into San Diego with my cruise control set to Awesome.  Plus the time horizon for my final return to NJ is getting shorter & shorter… something I’m very excited about.

Scent:  dog.  Been taking care of Emma, Justin’s dog, for several days, and she continues to play Alpha all over the daybed that is supposed to be MY place of respite.  Hence, I smell like dog.

But Happy Friday folks! :)

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