Got an iPad. Definitely see why people ride the fence – is it the best thing ever? Or is it just a relatively redundant piece of thousand dollar plastic? – but I have faith that I will learn how to type relatively quickly, which will only add to the productivity quotient… I am disappointed that I can’t get iPhoto on it – I was really hoping that I could do a better job keeping up with our photo-sharing responsibilities – and I think it’s bollocks that I have to pay for apps like Numbers all over again if I want it on all my devices.

But this thing is pretty f-ing sweet. Totally understand Phil Dunphy’s obsession / love affair on his birthday. And Oprah was right. Ahem.

I’m pretty close to convincing the wyf that we should clear a space on the bedside table and keep it close by at all times. There are only a few apps that I’ve tried so far, and some are still buggy (specifically the free ones like NYTimes and WordPress), but I’m sure it will only get better. Glad I waited 9 months. Though honestly I’m dreading the day when they announce the second gen version… I hope all they do is add a camera, cuz that I can live without.

I don’t see how any other tablet could possibly compete with this thing, so all the developer focus has to end up here. (Note to self: buy more Apple stock.)

(Blogged from my iPad, whilst sitting on my couch, watching Inside the Actors Studio.)