Apple Apostle – Applostle, If You’re Nasty

R got me an iPhone last week for our second anniversary.

Holy crap.

I should have listened to Dan during all those podcast debates; this thing, on which I am writing this WordPress blog, is F-ING awesome. Seriously. It’s even smart enough to correct for my sausage fingers, which was always my main argument for sticking to Blackberry devices.

Dan was right. Now that I have one, I see how superior it is to any other phone in the world. Not that Blackberry and Android-based phones are horrible… It’s just that this thing is near-perfect.

Why near-perfect? Battery life & lack of a caps lock option come to mind. And I accidentally hit the backspace key way too often because of its proximity to the m key – did so twice just trying to type proximity. I think they should have kept it well away from ALL of the Wheel of Fortune letters (r s t l n e and n’s neighbor m). And what the hell is up with no Spell Check? And no custom dictionary!?! That tastes like Communism.

Small grapes though. In almost all ways, I frikkin’ love this thing for all the myriad reasons you could love a “phone”. And so far I don’t honestly have any gripes with AT&T’s service (aside from the exorbitant cost). Hasn’t dropped any of my calls, and in the places where I want it, the 3G is available. (To save battery, I turn this off a lot, which I wish didn’t take 4 gestures from the home screen to do-simple shortcut code in the next update to the OS would be welcome.)

So now I walk around with access to pretty much every piece of digital media I own, the ability to create content with various apps like WordPress, and can get to new material/media – all in a sleek & consistent format. Blackberry’s formats look simply gross by comparison, mainly due to their more universal/open approach, which is both virtuous & unambitious. There are lots of reasons to stay open & unlocked, but developers are still making far more iPhone apps than are showing up in Blackberry’s app world. In reality, the sex appeal of iPhone apps simply outweighs the ability to code in whatever open languages RIM enables.

It’s official. I’m an Apple apostle. An Applostle, if you’re nasty.

Business Socks

My dear friend Michelle turned me on to ‘Flight of the Conchords‘ from HBO’s latest season. Ever since, I’m a little obsessed. They’re from New Zealand, and they have a very dry simple obvious type of humor; understatement is their preferred method. UNLESS they’re singing. Their contrast works really well – they make these great dramatic songs out of the mundane parts of their scenes, and they play it awesomely, in the key of Awesome.

So last night, I subscribed to their iTunes podcast, and then bought the six songs they’ve got on iTunes. On a Tuesday morning commute, ‘Business Time’ totally rocked me. Here’s a little taste:

“I remove my clothes, very very clumsily… tripping sensuously over my pants. Now I’m naked, except for my socks. And you know when I’m down to just my socks, what time it is…

It’s Business / It’s Business Time / (Y’know when I’m down to my socks it’s time for business that’s why they’re called business socks)…”

Seriously. Business socks.

They’re a little bit on the order of Tenacious D, except they’re less intense. (C’mon, they’re kiwis.) So if you’re at all interested in musical comedy, highly recommend you check ‘em out.

I said the same thing in Lesson #2, but I can only reiterate how awesome these guys are & hope that you’ll all take my word for it. If you do, I’ll see Brett & Jermaine’s fame take off & they’ll start getting more a$$ than a toilet seat. Or at least get another season on HBO.

Now, it’s time to get a kebab with the most beautiful girl I have ever seen with a kebab. (From “The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room.” SERIOUSLY! CHECK THESE GUYS OUT!)