My friend Rommy is on today’s Pew-Pew tmblr. 4th picture down. While I acknowledge & respect the glam rock shot, this one made me spit out my Dal Makhani:

I think his Rock Band just won the Bay Area’s Battle of the Rock Bands, in which he & his band raised money for a charity & rocked out. One might assume that’s where his Pew-Pew picture came from, but it actually wouldn’t surprise me if that’s from a completely different event. He often dresses like a cerca-1979 rock star, except he’s Middle-Eastern.
Rommy’s exactly the type of dude that gets on sites like this. He’s rarely NOT the reason most people show up at parties where he’s at. And he’s always got some sort of bit that’s a total crowd-pleaser; in college, it was the Rommy Belly-Slap (I named it, not him; I don’t know what he calls it). He’d get all drunk & put on a fro-wig and then come out lifting his shirt up, slapping his belly all while doing some sort of Carlton-esque Egyptian carpet dance. We’d all applaud, encouraging his antics… and then we’d give him crap the next day for breaking sh!t or for getting the cops called on us. He couldn’t win.
Anyway, point of this post was to share the website & spread that Tom Cruise picture that caused a lentil shower in my cube-ikkle. I’ve tried to cook up a few other posts lately, but nothing seems to totally mushroom like it normally does, so I’ve decided not to try and force it. It’ll come. It always does.
BTW, Twitter is no longer my main obsession. My new main obsession is my Blackberry. My NEXT obsession will be the new podcast that Cermak & Dan & I will start recording in a few weeks. And my next obsession after that will be the Russian Hill version of Living Room Improv, directed & starring yours truly. :-)
What? You don’t plan your obsessions? You should. Makes them much easier to manage. Like a trip to the zoo. You wouldn’t NOT plan your trip to the zoo, right? You know what happens to people who don’t plan trips to the zoo, right? They miss stuff.