Did I Mention…


Just thought you should know. Maybe you’ll help me keep accountable to training for it. I still plan on publishing my training calendar here, but I need to figure out a proper way to do it. (Anyone with hints/suggestions, let me know.)

This is the marathon I signed up for (had to change from the Big Sur Marathon because of Choi’s stateside wedding reception):

Trail-ish, lots of redwoods… and it’s in Humboldt County, which is famous for… well, you look it up. ;-)

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2 Responses to “Did I Mention…”

  1. Brian says:

    I expect your response to this to go something like “The fat kid is running a Marathon! Holy shit!”

    True. I was fat. But things change. Oh, how things change.

  2. MIL says:

    No, on the contrary… my SIL can do ANYTHING he puts his mind to (or at least he has ME convinced of that)…

    & by the way, no one has seen the fat kid in years. I heard a rumor that the fat kid passed away at home in NJ while surrounded by his family and friends.

    As for marathons–everything is relative….i.e. at 55 running a 5 mile race which was oh so do-able 3 decades ago becomes a “marathon”.

    So, as you train for yours I will be training for mine and we will both finish–the time it takes isn’t the goal–what matters is that we finish. Period. & we will–as things continue to change.

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