Shameless Friendly Plug!

Last night we had some party people over, drank lots of beer & ate a ton o' pizza. Finally got to meet R's work friend Nick and his wife Carrie (sp?). Awesome people. Nick listened to me spout off about improv & comedy stuff for like twenty minutes while our wives bonded. (Given the way they giggled, they either shared wedding stories or compared notes on sexual habits as married women. No sign as to whether or not those compared notes were rave reviews or "constructive feedback.")

And Carrie is the life of any party; girl sure knows how to have fun, esp. when fun includes making people do shots in my kitchen. So in order to balance out the favor they did us – preventing us from having a semi-boring Friday night, here's a shameless plug for Nick's website:

Its kinda like a Yelp but for all types of stuff. I wrote a review for a movie (The Hulk I think?) and then got waylayed into other projects, but there's value in collecting crowdsourced reviews and making them searchable. They've got a healthy amt. of content at this point, so check 'em out and make sure you sign up & write at least one review. Do it.

Why are you still reading me? Write a review, will ya?!?

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