I tried to use Craigslist to start a new social group for current & former nerds in the Bay Area.

Not a single response in 7 days. And you know these are the type of people that use the technology at their disposal. Problem is, rare is the nerd that embraces his Nerd (capital N) and looks to join up with other Nerd-embracing nerds. Especially if there’s no promise or even mention of MMORPGs, Meat Space RPGs, or hacking Prius batteries (so bay area).

I’ll try again. There’s gotta be at least two, and maybe they were both at BOTCON that week.

I’ll keep you updated. Meanwhile, notice that Wyltie here just turned 50. I offered to throw him a party, but he just wheezed, which I’ve learned to take as a sign that he’s less than interested. Also, that I’ve personified him to sound a lot like my grandpa Pete.

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